Front and Intermediate Covers

Protection Against Snow & Dirt for Train Couplers
  • Dellner front cover coupler protection on a train in Central train Station in Malmö
  • Regional train of Czech Railways with Dellner front cover for coupler protection

Front and intermediate covers for train couplers provide a flexible membrane that does not restrict the movement of the couplers.

This coupler protection works as a barrier against snow, ice and dust deposits on the coupler pivot and other sensitive parts.

Product Advantages

  • Protects the complete coupler head, including the electrical head, from snow, ice, sand and debris
  • Increases the life and serviceability of the coupler and other components of the coupler box
  • Modular and replaceable to allow efficient system operation

Product Details

  • Protection covers available for front and semi couplers
  • Detached covers can be made from thin steel, plastic (fire protection on railway vehicles, acc. EN 45545) or fabric (fire performance acc. to EN 45 554-2 HL2 R7)
  • Front covers made of steel can be operated manually or remotely from the driver’s cab by actuator using a pneumatic cylinder 
  • Customised flaps allowing access to the coupler for maintenance and inspection
If you have any questions, please contact our Dellner Products expert: JOHAN ÅHMAN Product Manager Couplers


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